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Agrupamento Escolas Santo António

1. WHO

School Name : Agrupamento Escolas Santo António

Key Person Name : Manuela Luz

Web Page : http://www2.escolasdestantonio.edu.pt

E-mail Address* : diretora@escolasdestantonio.edu.pt


Total Student Number : 1677

Migrant Student Number :320

Total Teacher Number : 241

Guidance Teacher Number : 35

2. WHY

Reason For Taking The Network : Our educative project is called Value the Difference and we have a mote: when the sun rises , it is for everyone.We promote integration and equidity.We value all the culures and the diversity.We promote many projets for all the students and families from all all over the world.We prepare studentes for the new century.

Issues And Challenge : Many projets for the sucess of all the students with pedagogical methods according individuality.Intercultural Education among our schools in our country.The project envolves opening a door to learning diversity.Includ-ed projects envolves families an all the community.

3. HOW

Methods / Steps / Tools Used : Pedagogical methods according each individuality; group/team work;new technologies, practical experiences - we won the intercultural school Seal.Documents related with de different cultures.


Lessons Learned : The main goal is to give the same opportunities to our students from all over the world. We want everybody can learn step by step.

Challenges Met : We have the goals of our Educative projet.The main teachers receive the studens and establish the connection between the families, other teachers and the school staff, having in mind their pleas an have the help they may eventually need.

Critical Success Factors : We need more help related with financial support, but we are very humanistic and communicative. We promote Equidity among gipsy, african, european, asian, african people...