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Altay Primary Schol

1. WHO

School Name : Altay Primary Schol

Key Person Name : Üstün DENİZ

Web Page : altayilkokulu.meb.k12.tr

E-mail Address* : altayilk06@gmail.com


Total Student Number : 122

Migrant Student Number :38

Total Teacher Number : 8

Guidance Teacher Number : 1

2. WHY

Reason For Taking The Network : Try to help our students to a adapt their new life and facilitate their adaptation period.

Issues And Challenge : * New life - New Language > In our school, we have a guidance teacher for migrant students. They can learn new languagestep by step with their teacher. * Life conditions > Most of our students have difficult. They live almost 2-3 family together because of economical problems. As a school management, we try to help students who are in a difficult situation. We visit and observe their families, and try to find solution ways for our students life difficulties. * Missing their country and lacking of belonging to Turkey > Not all of them but some students are missing their country and refusing to adapt their new life. We interest these students specially and try to sketch the gates of their inner world.

3. HOW

Methods / Steps / Tools Used : * In our lessons, we based on Communicative Approach and Cognitive Method. * Our first step is teaching all letters, then combining the syllabus for words, and finally making a sentence. * In our lessons, we use lots of techniques which are flashcards, dramas,dialogues, roleplays,games,songs,stories,groupwork and pairwork.


Lessons Learned : Turkish and Mathematics

Challenges Met : > The most important challange is communication problems. In their families of our students, parents don't know the Turkish and we cannot reach them when we need. > We can teach concrete concepts easily but we have really difficulty in abstract concepts with our students.

Critical Success Factors : We believe that learning and teaching cannot be without loving and interesting. That's why we come closer with love to our students. So they respend to us respectfully. This is our key point. Lacking of materials is tthe big problem at first but thanks to PICTES project our students have their new bags, notebooks, pencils etc. Most of our students can speak, read and write in Turkish. Finally; as a school management and especially guidance teacher, we always support our students and their education. We will continve understand and educate them with love.