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Beytepe Ortaokulu

1. WHO

School Name : Beytepe Ortaokulu

Key Person Name : Hüseyin Yirgal

Web Page : http://beytepeortaokuluankara.meb.k12.tr/

E-mail Address* : 706076@meb.k12.tr


Total Student Number : 874

Migrant Student Number :3

Total Teacher Number : 56

Guidance Teacher Number : 2

2. WHY

Reason For Taking The Network : In order to work on adaptation of migrant students to our country and overcome the biases to migrants.

Issues And Challenge : we face our students and their parents' biases and reactions to migrant students and their families

3. HOW

Methods / Steps / Tools Used : Firstly we talk face to face with migrants and their families and we arranged warm up activities to combining migrants with our kids and we cooperated with migrant associations.


Lessons Learned : we taught that every people is equal in the world and every people has the same human rights.

Challenges Met : we overcame biases to migrants.

Critical Success Factors : Teachers have important roles to teach about equality among students and overcome biases and handle with negative reactions to migrants.