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Haci Bayram Anadolu Imam Hatip Lisesi

1. WHO

School Name : Haci Bayram Anadolu Imam Hatip Lisesi

Key Person Name : Ünal Aydin

Web Page : hacibayramihl.meb.k12.tr

E-mail Address* : aydinunal6666@hotmail.com


Total Student Number : 416

Migrant Student Number :30

Total Teacher Number : 43

Guidance Teacher Number : 0

2. WHY

Reason For Taking The Network : For sharing applications among schools and supporting relationship among other participant schools in the process of projects.

Issues And Challenge : *To adapt migrant students to our national education programme. *Migrant students don't know even onur language and it causes communication and relation problems.

3. HOW

Methods / Steps / Tools Used : *Migrant students takr courses to learn Turkish language *They take Pictes courses to get the national education programme. *Teachers use technological devices like tablets and smart boards to ease and teach the lesson.


Lessons Learned : Turkish language Maths Physics Chemistry Biology English Arabic Religious Courses

Challenges Met : *Students can't learn the language easily and fluently,so they have aaptation problems to environment and lessons. *They have a new place here and a new environment so it comes with problems as well

Critical Success Factors :