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1. WHO


Key Person Name : Erhan Özkan

Web Page : http://ismailerezio.meb.k12.tr/tema/index.php

E-mail Address* : 709503@meb.k12.tr


Total Student Number : 1067

Migrant Student Number :200

Total Teacher Number : 45

Guidance Teacher Number : 3

2. WHY

Reason For Taking The Network : “İsmail Erez İlkokulu” is a Primary School at the city centre, in an area which is mostly resided by immigrant families. Many of them have more than three children and live on by government support. We are aware of the fact that they barely escaped from the brutal face of the war which has unavoidably caused psychological and social issues. Basically, we want to help them to feel like one of us and to be physically and mentally healthy adults for our society in the future. However, it’s almost impossible if there aren’t innovative curricula which will push them forward to become socially active members of Turkish Community.

Issues And Challenge : Reasons proved to be challenging for us -which are widely experienced by other schools as well- are below: • Parents can’t speak Turkish which makes administrative stuff’s and teachers’ job extremely overwhelming. • Another issue related to the parents is they don’t have reliable contact numbers in case of an emergency. If something comes up, we usually can’t reach them on time. • Besides, children don’t have stable home environments. They don’t have permanent residency. • Immigrant students experience cultural issues and sometimes even bullying from their peers. Thus, indirectly, they have lack of interest to adapt our society and culture. • They don’t feel connected. They feel homesick and they can’t express their feelings as they can’t use our language in full capacity which results in violent behaviour.

3. HOW

Methods / Steps / Tools Used : To be a part of the lessons, these children need to learn Turkish language. Meanwhile, we want them to continue their education as their Turkish peers do by taking mathematics and English classes. On average, we have more than 30 students per class which causes teachers’ inability to deal with every single student one by one. So our educators use as many visual materials and technics as possible to motivate both Turkish and immigrant students who currently experience difficulty in comprehending Turkish language. Other than that, we have three guidance teachers at our school. They are always available at school hours. They do frequent visits to classrooms and have counselling sessions with children in need.


Lessons Learned : Turkish, Mathematics, English, Social Studies

Challenges Met : As immigrant students can’t speak our language, in some subjects -such as Social Studies- learning objectives cannot be achieved. Moreover in spite of the fact that these children learn Turkish language at school, both parents and children have a tendency to keep speaking Arabic at home which directly affects our progress at school. Both Syrian and Iraqi immigrant families have closed family structure. Parents have none or very limited education. We can’t teach them social values and rules. Gender equality is not a very accepted concept among immigrant families. Girls are generally being neglected. Our immigrant students have a tendency of violence.

Critical Success Factors : Dealing with these kinds of sociocultural problems requires an experienced stuff specifically on these matters and quite a while of time in normal circumstances. Unfortunately we have neither of them, but we have very compassionate and idealist teachers and a management stuff. We see ourselves putting “lend a hand project’s” both material and emotional ideals into practise under the right guidance which will be supported by Lend a Hand Project. In short, we want to leave the light on for these children and hopefully, it will lead them into inner peace and the feeling of completion which comes from success.