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Nedim İnal Primary School

1. WHO

School Name : Nedim İnal Primary School

Key Person Name : Nihat ELMAS

Web Page : www.nediminalilkokulu.meb.k12.tr

E-mail Address* : nediminal06@gmail.com


Total Student Number : 1370

Migrant Student Number :31

Total Teacher Number : 51

Guidance Teacher Number : 1

2. WHY

Reason For Taking The Network : just taking network we can communicate with each other,the other schools and the othet teachers.we can share information try to understand teheir problems and help them

Issues And Challenge : First of all ıdantify these students and try to help them in education problems ,especially leraning turkish .Understand their problem with learning turkish and english .try to help them accommodate in our country before and oriendation our school our student and our teacher.try to help them with their new life in our countr and in our school.

3. HOW

Methods / Steps / Tools Used : communicative language learning methods ,audio lingual methods, suggestopedia , directive methods and communicative approach.


Lessons Learned : They learn turkish 18 hours in a week with turkish teacher,and they learn maths ,social science ,art ,social studies and physişcal education in tehir teacher in our school

Challenges Met : These students come acroos lots of problem especially economics problems becouse tehir fathers are unemployed and they haven'T got enough money ,they have problems with orienting (new country,new house,new teacher,new school, new friends.they also have difficulty in learning turkish and expressing their wants ,their feeliing and their opinions

Critical Success Factors : With our school stuff we can just try to help them to be successful and happy in our school.we just want to heip them feel happy and live in our country peacefully