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Primary school “Gianni Rodari” – Istituto comprensivo “Il Principe” di San Casciano Val di Pesa

1. WHO

School Name : Primary school “Gianni Rodari” – Istituto comprensivo “Il Principe” di San Casciano Val di Pesa

Key Person Name : Catia Redditi

Web Page : http://www.scuolasancasciano.it

E-mail Address* : fiic861008@istruzione.it


Total Student Number : 175

Migrant Student Number :7

Total Teacher Number : 23

Guidance Teacher Number : 1

2. WHY

Reason For Taking The Network : Promote and share: - good practices in teacher education from different European countries; - linguistic and cultural exchange; - support additional projects to sustain first and second generation foreign students - effective and innovative curricula

Issues And Challenge : Teachers with intercultural competences, linguistically and culturally responsive teaching skills can share their know-how and integrate development education and intercultural education

3. HOW

Methods / Steps / Tools Used : Improve new generation’s intercultural skills: - dealing with social and cultural changes at school and in the entire society - recognizing the value of diversity - participating effectively in intercultural dialogue METHODS: From theory to practice: create classroom situations, reflect on concrete examples of what happens at school and what options a student has to face diversity. Engage global competence: follow open and effective interactions across cultures; inderstand and appreciate the perspectives and world views of others Personalised learnig plan: creating curricula with opportunities of specific learning outcomes in terms of knowledge, attitudes and diversity integration Cooperative learning: assure the cooperation with other students and the peer-tutoring Problem solving approach: promote the scientific method to see and study the world Different types of language: engage student in artistic and practice activities to find other ways to communicate to each others.


Lessons Learned : Changing the way students learn about the world and other cultures is the challenge of this time. Sharing good practices will help teachers to understand their role in the local and global community and to be well-equipped to face this challenge.

Challenges Met : We need to rethink education goals because we live and teach in a changing world. Foreign students are not always collaborative and motivated. Teachers should find the key to engage them in the educational experience.

Critical Success Factors : Teachers’ education and professional training Teachers’ and students’ awareness of diverse and special needs