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Primary School Pieve IC “John Lennon” Sinalunga (Siena)

1. WHO

School Name : Primary School Pieve IC “John Lennon” Sinalunga (Siena)

Key Person Name : Gelsomina Raia

Web Page : www.icsinalunga.it

E-mail Address* : siic805008@istruzione.it


Total Student Number : 219

Migrant Student Number :107 in the 3 primary schools (data not avaible for each primary school)

Total Teacher Number : 14

Guidance Teacher Number : 1

2. WHY

Reason For Taking The Network : Teaching/learning courses will be started inside our school up, in order to allow the insertion of the different learning levels, respecting the differences of each one and of his/her characteristic differentiated formative needs.

Issues And Challenge : The school users show different kinds of difficulties and different levels of gravity. These ones are often a consequence of a specific cause, but they are also due to the concurrence of different causes relating either the pupil than the contest he/she happens to be in (sociocultural environment, the familiar climate, school instruction quality and the teachers)

3. HOW

Methods / Steps / Tools Used : Brainstorming, communication and dramatization techniques, to improve the creativity and to manage unforeseen situations (problem solving). Laboratories to let the students be protagonists of their own knowledge and overcome eventual passivity and noninvolvement attitudes. Effective cooperation to let them understand that their own and the others success comes from all the participants’ collaboration. Research to allow the single and the group to learn a conscious decision-making method. Peer tutoring to favour a “spontaneous” passing of the knowledge. Peer education to start a global communication process developing the knowledge and to make all the involved people responsible. TOOLS: -audio video materials -PC -LIM -also digital texts


Lessons Learned : The pupils have increased their knowledge level, they have learnt to appreciate every one’s originality in receiving, stimulating and growing up in order to reduce those obstacles that limit the social knowledge and participation.

Challenges Met : Through the use of different and suitable to their own characteristics instruments pupils became not only protagonists but also authors of their own growing up through a relationship net too.

Critical Success Factors : The project impact will engrave on the participants’ formative curriculum and will be object of reflection for the entire school community. Pictures and video from school and student