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Scuola Primaria “Donatello Gabbrielli”

1. WHO

School Name : Scuola Primaria “Donatello Gabbrielli”

Key Person Name : Cristina Capo, Lombardi Lucilla Azzurra

Web Page : www.icscandicciuno.gov.it

E-mail Address* : scuolagabbrielli@gmail.com


Total Student Number : 222

Migrant Student Number :24

Total Teacher Number : 23

Guidance Teacher Number : 1

2. WHY

Reason For Taking The Network : • Create a network (migrant-friendly network) of primary schools. • Identify good practices and guidelines to share extra-curricular indications, suggestions, rules, tools and activities to facilitate schools and institutions to be more inclusive.

Issues And Challenge : To contribute to a more inclusive education by reinforcing the profile of teachers and by supporting schools in taking into consideration issues that immigrant students are facing, such as early school leaving or early school leaving, isolation and low performance.

3. HOW

Methods / Steps / Tools Used : • Curricula for training (training) were developed for primary school teachers who work with immigrant students, in order to facilitate the use of principles of social inclusion in school program. • Tools (toolkits) have been developed for primary school teachers to be used in classrooms during lessons.


Lessons Learned : Cooperation, collaboration

Challenges Met : To exploit resources and realize more activities

Critical Success Factors : Engaging in realizing a community