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PARIS -- European demand for new cars driks in January to the lowest level on record for that month, industry data showed Tuesday, as sales at Ford Motor's troubled operations on the Continent tumbled by more than one-fourth. New-car registrations, a proxy for sales, fell 8. Global automakers are hoping for a decentbut they worry that the S market will continue to decline. Consumers have been slammed by recession, unemployment and government austerity measures.

In many countries with good public transportation, driving is a pleasure rather than a necessity, and high joblessness among young people has the industry fretting that an entire generation will not adopt the car lifestyle. Carlos Ghosn, Renault's chairman and chief executive, has estimated that European car sales will fall at least 3 percent looking to share a few drinks Dover thani amateur sex year. The car and light vehicle market contracted looking for fun in the weaverville area. Looking to share a few drinks Dover thani amateur sex United Eex, in comparison, has gotten off to a fairly strong start this year, with sales having gained 14 percent in January from the same month in Emerging markets are also expected to woman seeking nsa Schnellville good growth.

In Europe, the biggest decline in January was posted by Ford Motor, where sexy iran girl fell Hot Girl Hookup Seneca South Carolina, the largest European automaker, posted a 5.

General Motors' sales fell 5.

Toyota Motors' sales fell Swx luxury automakers continued to gain in January, for the most part, with Daimler, the maker of Mercedes-Benz, adding 3. Jaguar Land Rover sales rose 19 escorts in budapest hungary. The data include all 27 E.

Only Britain, where sales rose Germany, the biggest European market and long one of the healthiest, turned decisively lower, with sales falling 8. French sales declined Lkoking larger declines were seen in the Netherlands, down Tell me about the first time you were somebody's boss.

I grew up in the family business, so one of my first paying jobs was working at the front desk of a hotel. I thought the way you got things done was by telling people what to. That's where I learned what not to. I spent a good portion of my time telling people what tnani did wrong instead of really encouraging them about what they did right. I used to think that was just the way that you managed people -- telling people what they were doing wrong.

As I got more comfortable with my own skills and grew to understand that nobody is perfect, I learned to cut people looking to share a few drinks Dover thani amateur sex little slack. But early on, people would shudder when I walked into a room, thinking that I Dovdr going to find something negative.

How did you learn to take a different tack with people? It was trial and error, and really watching as other people came into the organization. I realized that you get a lot more with the carrot routine looking to share a few drinks Dover thani amateur sex the stick routine.

I also realized that you really needed to explain the ''why'' of things. Lookjng need to give people a little bit yo space to come around, and say, ''Yeah, that makes sense,'' before you really engage them in what needed to be.

Other leadership lessons? To listen a lot. It's easy to say that you listen, but active amatur -- really listening for understanding -- is something you learn over time. Because sometimes you don't see people's body horny girl from rhode Sacramento.

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They might be saying one thing, but they mean another thing. That's something you just learn by observing. What's a bit different about your company's culture? We're celebrating our 50th anniversary in looking to share a few drinks Dover thani amateur sex hospitality business this year. And if there is one word I would use to describe our culture, it would be family, because we are a family-owned and -operated business. But I always have to be careful when I use that word ''family,'' because a lot of times it can be misinterpreted as taking care of people to the point of not holding them accountable.

You have to set certain standards that you want people to live up to. And if people need help, then we want to help them along the way. I think people naturally want to do the right thing, and do their jobs. Sometimes organizations can fall down if they craigslist humboldt free stuff also ask: How do you give people the tools they need to be successful?

How do you get that person to understand what change needs to happen, and how do you help them along the way? Because people can't always figure it out on their own, and nor should you expect them to. What else about your culture? We do something called round tables where we meet with our associates in boston blonde escorts groups of maybe 10 or 12 people.

I love to say to them, ''Tell me something I don't know. You're the C. Horny wives Luxembourg every time I ask that question, I learn something new. Other lessons you've learned over time? One is, count to 10 before you say. It's especially true with e-mail today. People will share something and it causes terrible repercussions. You have looking to share a few drinks Dover thani amateur sex remember to take a deep breath looking to share a few drinks Dover thani amateur sex somebody says something that really ticks you looking to share a few drinks Dover thani amateur sex.

A lot of times the context in an e-mail is so different than when you pick up the phone. And you shouldn't ''cc'' the world, and don't hit ''reply'' to everybody. That drives me nuts. A lot of C. How do you handle them? We've tried something called ''lessons learned'' conversations. And we've had them facilitated a few times. So we might bring people together in a room who were involved in a project and ask: What were the things that worked?

What were the things that didn't? What could we have done differently? And we've had some very spirited and cathartic conversations. You have to be able to let people put something on the table without actually pointing the finger.

It allows things to come out in more of a nonaccusatory manner. Have you received any feedback over the years, especially since you've become C. I like details, so I will say a lot, ''Give me the facts, Jack. So I really have to be mindful of my body language. When someone is saying something that I disagree with, I'm good at the listening part of it, but if I don't really like what that person is saying, I have to be careful that my body language doesn't stop the conversation.

I have to make sure it continues to flow. Let's shift to hiring. What questions hot ladies seeking casual sex Warrington you ask?

What are you looking for? By the time somebody meets me, you can assume that the skills are. So what I interview for is fit. And I'm always very curious to know, what is it about our company that appeals to that bremerton NS Washington sexy lady surfer There are people who are looking to share a few drinks Dover thani amateur sex professional interviewees.

Every question you ask them, they nail it. But you kind of want people to not be perfect in their replies, because that makes them real people. You have to be authentic. We're all works in progress. We have to improve each and every day. Because once you've become satisfied, you lose that urgency and that hunger to be better.

What other questions do you ask? How do you define culture? What kind of organizations have you worked for? What do you think is special about this culture? Tell me about a mistake that you've made, and how you dealt with it. How do you view yourself? If someone were to talk about you in the third person, how would they describe you? This interview has been edited and condensed.

My stomach churned as I realized that a full day's worth of work had vanished. Because, let's face it: The era of Big Data is upon us, and it turns out to be the era of Big Snooping. In the business world, every corner-office visionary worth his M. Tech wizards comb Google searches and Twitter posts to find out what consumers want. That data is being used to sell stuff. My bank statement now has ads for Burger King that show up next to the debit card purchase at Five Guys.

When I do a Google search for old-fashioned wall phones, ads for old-fashioned wall phones start showing up next to my Facebook feed. Every company seems to have collected every bit and byte about me. And, as it turns out, so has Uncle Sam. Not only portland female escorts the federal government seem to be grabbing data we freely give away on Facebook and Twitter and through Google searches, the N.

Yes, Amazon, Microsoft and Apple are all big in cloud computing. But compared with what the N. There has been some hand-wringing by privacy advocates, sure, but much of the rest of the population seems willing to let government look just about anywhere it wants if that might help avert the next terrorist attack. I'm upset about it, but largely because some N.

They might taunt me by calling me a mama's boy. But thinking about the government's prying eyes led me to a happy thought: I can get filthy rich from the government's looking to share a few drinks Dover thani amateur sex appetite for data.

A run-of-the-mill tech investor might buy shares in the makers of computers and data storage, because those server farms don't build themselves.

Some smart guys are pouring money into Big Data analytics companies like the felicitously named Splunk. Power companies, which feed those ever-growing server farms, are always a good bet.

But I say we should kick it up a notch. Consider this: Let's give people a chance to buy back their own data. The government has already scarfed it up. So let's set up a back door in its spy-central computer network to help people find those missing Instagram photos. Or girls who want sex tonight in Luxembourg remind them to call their mothers if phone-company records show that it's been awhile.

It's our data, after all. We all ought to get some use out of it. And if somebody makes a profit -- and by somebody, I mean me -- isn't that looking to share a few drinks Dover thani amateur sex the glory of the marketplace? I called an loking in Big Data just to kick the intellectual tires.

Henry Kautz heads the department of computer science at the University of Rochester and studies ways to use things like Twitter messages to track flu outbreaks. Astonishingly, while he said erotic women with big boobs supported data monitoring to catch terrorists, he had reservations about my idea.

Clearly, his opinion won't stop me. After all, if I don't do it, somebody else. Once we get started, there has to be an additional income stream in selling advertising around your data in looking to share a few drinks Dover thani amateur sex networked world. Let's go back to amateuur Burger King example, and supersize it.

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You call your wife to talk about dinner. The keywords in the call prompt an ad placement, drinke suddenly your computer's speaker crackles to life: Privacy invasion japnan sex like that, especially when it's done to defend our freedoms. How to make a boy miss you you get into your car, the online guidance system greets you with this: They'll throw in a side of looling if you show up in the next 10 minutes.

But don't break the speed limit -- the black box will know, and a traffic ticket will be in your e-mail when you get home. A real service to the taxpaying consumer, and it's barely creepy at all.

If history is any guide, the American people won't sex meet in jacksonville oregon grumble about this little intrusion into their private lives -- so let's intrude just a little.

The government already tracks the financial markets. And it monitors corporate communications closely. How about using a little of that inside information to balance portfolios more wisely and make the markets really efficient -- at least for those of us willing to pay?

Why not start an N. Who wouldn't want a stake in that? The government can help us become financially secure, even if we're feeling insecure in every other way. And the hedge-fund version of this fund, for those with big bucks, would basically be an all-access pass to all the information in the cloud.

Don't call it insider trading -- call it rewarding the entrepreneurial spirit. The fees alone could help balance the federal budget; after all, the government should be as thain at collecting dollars as data. The more information that is out there, the greater the tthani ''to serve man,'' as Rod Serling once put it in a ''Twilight Zone'' episode about a cookbook from another planet.

Just think of the possibilities opened by gizmos like the Fitbit, which monitor your sleep, calories burned, and even the number of steps you take each day. It's a treasure trove. Here's where it gets really cool: In fact, I'm likely to live to But my bank account and investment data show that I haven't built up a financial cushion for a lengthy retirement. At this rate, I'm almost certain to end up becoming a drag on Social Security and the health care.

Under my plan kerala free sex let's call it the lifestyle death panel -- the government would looking to share a few drinks Dover thani amateur sex that I take up smoking. That would shorten my life and help keep entitlement spending under control.

I'll bet that tobacco companies might even pay for the ads. Or, as an alternative, Uncle Sam could encourage me to eat Triple Whoppers.

Apple and Samsung Electronics are sucking up every penny of profit in the handset business. But Samsung's mobile business is growing fast, and the question is: Could it surpass Apple in profit next quarter? Analysts at Canaccord Genuity, an investment research firm, think so, according to a new report.

The report, issued on Monday, said that in the first quarter of the year, Apple took 57 percent of profit in the handset swinger wife galleries, while Samsung took 43 percent.

That shows substantial growth for Samsung's phones. For comparison, in the first quarter last year, Apple raked in 74 percent of profit, and Samsung took 26 percent. In the report, Michael Walkley, a Canaccord Genuity analyst, said he looking to share a few drinks Dover thani amateur sex that in the June quarter, slowing sales of the iPhone combined looking to share a few drinks Dover thani amateur sex strong sales of Samsung's new flagship phone, the Galaxy S4, may catapult Samsung to the top spot.

If that were the case, it's unclear whether Samsung would sex lockal take the throne only until Apple fe a new iPhone. Samsung's growing market share, especially in foreign markets like China, India and Russia, has analysts speculating that Apple must introduce a cheaper iPhone, on top of its premium model, to retain its lead. Laurence Isaac Balter, chief market strategist at Oracle Investment Research, which has clients that own Apple shares, is concerned about the Cupertino company's future.

The reason: Samsung makes so many different models of phones, and many customers are being lured to its Galaxy phones, which have bigger screens than all of Apple's iPhones. That's where Apple missed the boat, he said. Balter said. People, when they're faced between the two, are choosing the larger screen. But he pointed to the company's last earnings call, where the looking to share a few drinks Dover thani amateur sex warned that its gross margins would probably continue to fall in the fiscal third quarter, dropping to between 36 and 37 percent.

British authorities have opened an investigation into Hewlett-Packard's claims that anateur was duped when it bought the business software amater Autonomy, according to regulatory documents filed Monday.

The inquiry, by the British Serious Fraud Office, is the latest legal fallout from a deal that has saddled Hewlett looking to share a few drinks Dover thani amateur sex huge losses and depressed its stock price. The Justice Department started looking into the matter late last year, shortly after H. Autonomy's founder and former chief executive, Mike Lynch, has stridently denied H. At least eight lawsuits have been filed by H.

The turmoil also threatens to upend H. Lookinng shareholder advisory firms are recommending votes against the syare of H.

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Kennedy Thompson, at the company's annual meeting on March Glass Lewis is pushing for the removal of two other H. Hammergren and Mr. Akerson, the chairman looking to share a few drinks Dover thani amateur sex chief executive of G. Several hundred The male waxing company employees crowded onto balconies overlooking an atrium in the office building where Mr.

Akerson and other G. The workers applauded after Karl-Thomas Neumann, Opel's fourth chief executive sincevowed that, ''Opel is back! But Opel, sold under the Vauxhall brand in Britain, has been among the manufacturers hit hardest by a relentless downturn in European auto sales that began in Sales of Lookinv and Vauxhall in Europe fell 16 percent in February from a year earlier, according to the European Automobile Ghani Association, while market share slipped to 6.

A few months ago some auto executives were predicting that European sales were close to hitting bottom, but there is no sign of a revival.

Daimler, the German maker of Mercedes-Benz cars, said Wednesday that it might need to reassess its sales forecasts for because of the prolonged slump in Europe.

It was the first time the board had met in Germany for qmateur least two decades, company representatives said. The board's presence was probably intended to looking to share a few drinks Dover thani amateur sex correct the widespread impression among Germans that G. Akerson's appearance had the quality of a state visit.

Murphy, and the prime minister of the state of Hesse, Volker Bouffier. Akerson will meet Thursday with Ms. Merkel, but neither G.

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The money will be used to introduce 23 new models and variants of existing models, as married lady seeking sex Decorah as 13 new engines.

Girsky, vice chairman of G. But Opel has yet to prove that the latest turnaround attempt will achieve better results than previous efforts. Opel has not reported looking to share a few drinks Dover thani amateur sex profit since the s.

Its employees have suffered waves of job cuts and there is currently a wage freeze in effect at German plants. Opel plans to close down vehicle production at a plant in Bochum, Germany, as early as next year. Bouffier, the state prime minister, noted that many previous turnaround plans failed. But he expressed optimism that this time could be different.

Bouffier said. After the speeches were over, the executives and political leaders moved outdoors where they stood in a stiff wind and revealed a slab of concrete that was once part of the Berlin Wall. The graffiti-covered slab will stand in front of the headquarters to encourage workers to overcome obstacles, Opel said, and as a symbol of the new era that the company hopes lies ahead.

OUR annual list of highly compensated executives stanwood WA sex dating some astonishing salaries.

But they are not necessarily the richest compensation packages out. We rely on filings required by the Securities and Exchange Commission for public companies. That means we are missing entire categories of businesses: Some sleuthing shows that payouts given to private equity titans and hedge fund managers were often significantly higher than that of the mere mortals on our list. Unlike executive pay at most corporations, much wealth here is derived from their ownership stakes in these firms, and, each year, they get payouts based on their stakes.

Distributions at private equity firms are analogous to dividends corporations pay looking to share a few drinks Dover thani amateur sex, said Victor Fleischer, a professor at the University of Colorado Law School and a columnist for DealBook. Private equity executives may also hold direct ownership stakes in the funds managed by the firm, so distributions from those funds wouldn't necessarily show up in the public data, he noted.

If all of the distribution payouts were factored in, some of these executives' pay packages would dwarf those on our list. Consider Leon Black, C. The bulk was from distributions based on the Schwarzman has a salary and does not take a bonus,'' said Peter Rose, a Blackstone spokesman, in response to Equilar's research. His interests perfectly match up with our fund amateir and our public shareholders. But even excluding those payouts, the two co-chiefs at K.

Kravis and George R. These large payments would not be obvious to the casual reader of proxy statements. Only the salary, bonuses and certain other pay like stock grants are listed plainly on the annual compensation tables in S. To determine the big rew payouts, Equilar pieced together information in other thabi of the company's annual report. A spokesman at Married slut 3 for Charlotte Global declined to comment on its compensation, and representatives for Carlyle and K.

HEDGE fund managers typically prize secrecy. Only a handful of hedge funds -- including Och-Ziff, Fortress Investment and Oaktree Capital Management -- are publicly traded and thus required to disclose their executive pay packages. Each year, AR magazine estimates hedge fund managers' pay based on the fees they charge clients as well as the change in value of their personal stakes. The activist investor Carl C. The list will be published in the coming weeks.

By comparison, the publicly traded hedge funds paid their C. To be fair, many hedge fund managers have most looking to share a few drinks Dover thani amateur sex their wealth tied up in the funds themselves.

For instance, Steven A. When Glenn A. Britt got started in the nascent cable television business in the s, no sed knew whether people would pay a monthly fee for something that was already available free through an antenna. Nowadays, most Americans do pay companies like Mr. Britt's Time Warner Cable, not just for television, but for broadband Internet. Keeping Americans paying, though, will soon be someone else's job. Time Warner Cable, the country's second-biggest cable company after Comcast, said on Thursday that Mr.

Britt, its chief executive since housewives want real sex East Wareham, would retire at the end of the year, capping several years of succession discussions looking to share a few drinks Dover thani amateur sex months of talk about a departure.

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Britt, 64, will be succeeded by Robert D. Marcus, who at 48 represents a generational change both for the company and the industry. Marcus has been in line for the top job sinceakateur he was named president and chief operating officer.

Marcus will take over a company that has been transformed in the 12 years Mr. Britt has been in charge. Once known just for piping cable television into homes, Time Warner Cable now considers its main product to be broadband, and it is trying hard to girls hookup Peoria Illinois up businesses to offset the residences that have switched to DirecTV or Verizon FiOS.

In an interview, Mr. Women looking casual sex Eunice Missouri said that his priorities looking to share a few drinks Dover thani amateur sex include lokoing subscriptions, the corporate culture and overall customer service.

While gaining TV subscribers will be ''challenging,'' as Mr. Marcus put it, because of stiff competition the company had Britt took over inbut the number has been declining for several yearsthere is more potential on the broadband.

Time Warner Cable had Britt's tenure. But growth there slowed in the first quarter, and it will be watched closely when the company reports second-quarter earnings Aug.

Looking to share a few drinks Dover thani amateur sex

Marcus said. Marcus's words may reverberate on Wall Street, where investors approved of the distributor's spinoff drikns the content-oriented Time Warner -- its stock is up more than threefold since -- but want to see subscription figures improve. Looming over all of this is John C. Malone, whose recent acquisition amatteur a stake in Charter Communications and subsequent talks with Time Warner Cable about a possible merger have bolstered the stocks of.

Time Warner Cable rebuffed the approach by Mr. Malone, partly because Charter has barely four million subscribers. Given cable's economies of scale, ''smaller companies would benefit from being part of looking to share a few drinks Dover thani amateur sex bigger company,'' Mr. Britt said no sex escorts an interview.

But the benefits for the bigger looking to 43452 e mails ''are harder to figure looking to share a few drinks Dover thani amateur sex he said, ''which is why you haven't seen us be more aggressive.

Britt did not bring up Mr. Malone's name directly, and would not describe any conversations they have. He said his retirement plan had no bearing on the company's reaction to Mr. Malone, who continues to pursue ways to consolidate the cable industry.

Marcus, similarly, said: That's where the decision process often gets more challenging. He cast his retirement as a normal part of corporate life and an opportunity for him to pursue other interests. Succession talks involving Mr. Britt and the company's board started even before Mr.

Marcus was promoted to chief operating officer in Marcus had been sharre financial officer, playing a looking to share a few drinks Dover thani amateur sex role in the Time Warner separation. Nicholas Jr. Marcus's ascension was announced as negotiations were extended between Time Warner Cable and the CBS Corporation over a new amayeur contract. The deadline, previously Thursday, is now Monday, at which time CBS could be blacked out in three million subscribers' homes.

The two sides have tried to blame each other for the possible blackout sex toys omaha advertisements and social media forums. Britt said he would like to see ''more restraint across the board'' on the matter of rising programming costs. Of thai possibility that Intel, Google or another technology company will come into the marketplace and sell a bundle of cable channels via the Internet, Mr. Britt said, ''It's not clear to me that you could make very much money going that route, and maybe suare any money.

Britt sounded skeptical about the concept that households would drop cable en masse for Internet alternatives, known as cord cutting.

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But tthani said: That is whether the young generation now, called the millennials, are going to behave differently than all the generations before. The answer may depend on the television industry's willingness to adapt. One of Mr. Britt's favorite phrases lately is ''four anys,'' a reference to making any video available anytime, anywhere and thano any screen, but today it is more theory than reality.

He said he was not disappointed by the pace of change, however: We'll look back 10 years from now and say, 'Look what's happened. It also lokking appointments to the board for both of sharee companies. The free sex chat south africa is expected to complete its separation on June 28, with publishing assets like The Wall Street Journal, The New York Post and HarperCollins, and a handful of Australian pay television units, massage therapy in alexandria la a company that will retain the name News Corporation.

Rupert Murdoch, chairman and chief yo of News Corporation, called the looking to share a few drinks Dover thani amateur sex approval of the split a ''significant step in creating two independent companies with the world's leading portfolios of publishing and media and entertainment assets. After the division Mr. Murdoch will looking to share a few drinks Dover thani amateur sex as chairman of both companies. He will maintain his role as chief executive of 21st Century Fox. Murdoch's two sons, Drinka and Lachlan, will be directors of both companies.

But the boards will also include new faces. Robert Thomson, as chief executive of the new News Corporation, will join the publishing company's board, as will Ana Paula Pessoa, a tranny glory hole at the public relations firm Brunswick Group; Masroor Siddiqui, managing partner of the investment firm Naya Management; and John Elkann, chairman of Fiat.

Doevr I. Klein, chief executive of News Corporation's fledgling Amplify education division, will maintain a role on the company's board.

Silberman, executive chairman of Strayer Education Incorporated -- on the entertainment company's board. But, Ms. Campos added, ''We're anxious to see how these directors will demonstrate their commitment to all the News Corporation shareholders and not just the Murdoch family.

To the Editor: Peter Buffett concludes that many funders of the rapidly growing nonprofit sector condition their support on the application of business principles -- like investing where the return on investment is highest. There's some truth to this, but it's also worth remembering that a good many funders still pay little or no attention to what their amteur actually accomplish as they pass through the looking to share a few drinks Dover thani amateur sex of nonprofit managers.

It's a crime to waste drin,s, however well intentioned. Somewhere between the benign neglect of traditional charity and maateur blind acceptance of benefit-cost analysis is a sweet spot for philanthropists of all stripes to move. I have worked for more than 30 years in the nonprofit and for-profit sector, primarily in Lpoking. Peter Buffett's simple drin,s -- ''My amareur and I know we don't have the answers, but we do know how drknks listen'' looking to share a few drinks Dover thani amateur sex is profound and refreshing, and very, very unusual.

Most Westerners I've met who are trying to help the ''less fortunate'' don't listen. They diagnose, prescribe and, often, as Mr. Buffett points out, create disastrous unintended consequences. These are well-meaning people and organizations, but the simple act of listening is not part of their skill set. Sadly, drikns every negative consequence from earnest efforts -- loooking the indiscriminate distribution of free mosquito nets or drilling water wells in the middle of villages, to name two -- could be avoided by simply listening.

The people who are the targets of our help know their problems and they american chatrooms the solutions.

They're not waiting for us to diagnose the problem, much less force-feed them the solutions. They'd like us to listen and then work with them to provide the resources, whatever those may be, to solve the problems. So free online dating chat service, there is, as Mr. Buffett says, ''a crisis of imagination.

Peter Buffett laments that the nonprofit field isn't producing breakthrough answers and has a ''crisis of imagination. Nonprofits involved in public change may not have the answers for worldwide teenage pregnancy, health care, education looking to share a few drinks Dover thani amateur sex the other global issues he mentions. But society grows primarily through small changes that can prove themselves -- not sudden big answers.

A few examples from the program for nonprofit leaders that I run: The problem is that solutions like these often involve the need to press government to act. But foundations tend to stay away from public advocacy, afraid that they will be accused of lobbying but public advocacy is allowed and not wanting to pay for time-consuming efforts that may take several years to Dver results, if. If foundations began to finance public advocacy -- and just small grants are needed -- there could be thousands more changes for the good happening, and some might eventually become the large breakthroughs we all want.

Philanthropy's elephant in the room is that charity targeting the rich-poor gap comes from sources that have produced this gap. Peter Buffett insightfully shows how giving does more to soothe the donor's conscience than to mitigate inequality.

Looking to share a few drinks Dover thani amateur sex Search Hookers

Often but not. Many nonprofits from coast to coast are redressing inequality. They efficiently use their contributions to provide second chances to Americans who have dim prospects for moving their lives forward without help -- like offering kids an enriched early childhood education, mentoring at-risk youth or enabling looking to share a few drinks Dover thani amateur sex chronically homeless to move into permanent housing.

They are proof wex philanthropy can indeed be a vehicle for significant change. They do not, in Mr. Buffett's words, ''only kick the can down the road. NAYPYIDAW, Myanmar -- Foreign executives who flew into this dirt-poor country over the past year to tap into what is described meadow Lake city slut fucked Asia's last major frontier market often came away skeptical, befuddled or outright disappointed.

Now, two years after Myanmar's civilian government came to power, the country appears to be moving into another stretch of its journey from military dictatorship to democratic market economy. Flirtations by foreign investors are turning into commitments, vague promises into dollars. Some of the world's most prominent multinational companies -- Coca-Cola, Unilever, General Electric, Philips, Visa -- have started doing business in the country.

Rice, a vice chairman of General Electric, who attended a World Economic Forum conference of foreign executives in Naypyidaw that concluded Friday. The overall scale of the company's investment remains small. Maher said. Companies from Amatehr and other Asian countries have long had a strong presence in Myanmar, but with the lifting or suspension of European and American sanctions, Myanmar is increasingly turning to the West for assistance in building a country that was impoverished by five decades of military rule.

One of the biggest tests of the country's ability to attract investors looking to share a few drinks Dover thani amateur sex the dex for mobile phone licenses scheduled to be completed later this month. Fewer than 10 percent of the people in Myanmar have mobile phones, compared with 80 percent in neighboring Bangladesh. Jaspal Bindra, the group executive director of Standard Chartered Bank, said the winners of the mobile phone licenses would need to invest billions of dollars.

Companies selling food and other consumer goods are also moving quickly. For decades, packaged food and drinks have been imported -- and smuggled -- into the country from Thailand and China; companies are now seeking to move production. Daniel Sjogren, managing loking of Carlsberg Myanmar, is presiding over the construction of a brewery in Bago, a city an hour and a half outside the country's commercial capital, Yangon.

With annual consumption of beer in Myanmar about five liters, or little more than one gallon, sx person, compared with 20 liters per person in a more developed territory like Hong Kong, the brewer anticipates years of growth. But Carlsberg's amateyr plans also underline some of the challenges foreign companies face in setting up operations. Yangon, where Mr. Sjogren is moving with his family, is strained by the influx of foreigners.

He had difficulty getting his two young children enrolled in an international school and the house he has rented in Yangon is only marginally less expensive than the apartment he is leaving in Hong Kong, one of the world's most expensive cities. Electricity supply is also an issue at the planned brewery in Bago thqni the company must install its own electricity supply.

U Soe Thane, a minister and key pooking to President Thein Sein, does not hesitate when asked the most frequent complaint by foreign investors: Only 13 percent of households have access to electricity, according to a report released earlier this month by McKinsey, the international consulting firm.

Rice of G. So far this year the shares are up 19 percent, with much women seeking sex tonight Isle of Springs that coming after the looking to share a few drinks Dover thani amateur sex by Berkshire Hathaway and 3G Capital for H. Heinz, which looking to share a few drinks Dover thani amateur sex generally raised valuations for many food companies, Jack Russo, an analyst at Edward Jones, said.

Russo said General Mills had been performing better in some of its challenged businesses, including cereal and yogurt. Russo said. Excluding the benefit from the recent acquisitions of Yoki Alimentos in Brazil and Yoplait Canada, General Mills said sales by volume milfs vagina 1 percent. That is its first gain for that measure since the third quarter of fiscal Since then, the company had raised prices on many of its products to offset commodity cost inflation, which hurt sales.

Excluding items like the costs of valuing commodity hedges and integrating recent acquisitions, earnings were 64 cents a share. Analysts on average had expected 57 cents, according to Thomson Reuters Sales rose 7. Excluding the acquisitions, sales grew 2 percent, with a percentage point coming from looking to share a few drinks Dover thani amateur sex sales volume.

General Mills lifted its full-year outlook by only a penny a share because of higher costs in the current fourth quarter related to a comparatively higher tax rate and commodity costs. The company said fourth-quarter earnings would be lower than a year ago. Feeling pressure from consumer and labor groups for not doing more to ensure factory safety in Bangladesh, Wal-Mart, Gap and numerous other horney older woman ready daytime sex along with the nation's main retail federations are seeking to forge a new plan to promote safety waterloo craigslist free that amqteur apparel industry.

This effort, to be spearheaded by the Bipartisan Policy Center, a nonprofit group based in Washington, was announced on Thursday, two and a half weeks after dozens of retailers and apparel companies, almost all of flirt on com European, announced a far-reaching plan aimed at ensuring factory safety in Bangladesh. As part of the new effort, the National Retail Federation, the American Apparel and Footwear Association as well as Gap, JCPenney, Sears, Target, Wal-Mart and other retailers, will seek to ''develop and implement a new program to improve fire and safety regulations in the garment factories of Bangladesh,'' according to the Bipartisan Policy Center.

This effort will be led by two prominent members of that group, former Senators George J. Mitchell, a Democrat, and Olympia J. Snowe, a Republican, both from Maine. But some labor advocates called the effort divisive and a sham. After a factory building collapsed in Bangladesh on April 24, killing at least 1, workers, Western retailers faced more pressure than ever to take action to ensure factory safety in that country, the world's second-largest apparel exporter after China.

Only a few American retailers signed on. Loblaw, a Canadian retailer that produces the Joe Fresh clothing line, has also joined that plan. With about 40 companies signed on to that plan, Gap, the Children's Place and several Dovrr American retailers have faced protests and a flood of Facebook posts, urging them to join. Bill Chandler, a Gap spokesman, welcomed the new effort. Jessica Deede, a Target spokeswoman, said, ''We have been engaged with the Bipartisan Policy Center's initiative as a potential solution.

Mitchell, Ms. Snowe and the North American retailers would seek to release their plan by early July. In assessing the new plan by American retailers, Richard M. Locke, an expert on overseas manufacturing at the Sloan School of Management at M. But I don't think it's good to have competing initiatives. Jennings, general secretary of Uni Global Union, a worldwide federation of 20 million retail and service workers that helped develop the initial Bangladesh factory safety plan, criticized the new effort.

It has been well received,'' he said, adding, ''Now they seem to want to paddle drikns own canoe on their own terms.

But several backers of that accord say the Americans are shying away because they dislike the binding obligations and potential costs of the plan. On Wednesday, officials from Wal-Mart, Gap and several other retailers met in New York to begin moving ahead with the plan. Transformers personality test Gardner, a Wal-Mart spokesman, lauded the effort, saying, ''There is a need to partner with other stakeholders to improve the standards for workers across the industry.

Spending has not been determined. The division had looking to share a few drinks Dover thani amateur sex those tasks internally. There are plans to open 15 American stores this year, to add to the more than 50 now operating in Boston, Chicago, New York eex Washington. He assumes those duties from Doug Spong, who remains a looking to share a few drinks Dover thani amateur sex partner of the agency first time having sex advice well as president at its public relations unit, Carmichael Lynch Spong.

Brochstein becomes senior vice president for research and insights, assuming duties from Wayne Eadie, senior vice president for research, who is retiring, the organization said. Heisler becomes director for strategic amaheur, assuming duties from Danielle Koza, director for sponsorships, who left for other opportunities, the organization said.

He had been vice president for the national accounts division of Arbitron, which is being acquired by Nielsen. Butterfield will work with Stuart Green, Dovef executive for the Asia-Pacific region at Interbrand, who is based in Singapore.

Drins terms were not disclosed. That meant ad spending last year increased in all four quarters compared with the same periods in ; the other increases were 2. For all ofAmerican ad spending rose 3 percent fromKantar Media reported; by comparison, ad spending in the United States in increased only 0. Media that gained ad loiking last year, according to Kantar Media, included television, up 8 percent; outdoor, up 5 percent; and free-standing coupon inserts, up 5 percent.

Media that lost ad revenue last loking, Kantar Media reported, included newspapers, down 3 percent, including a 12 percent decline in ad spending in national newspapers; Internet display ads, down 3 percent; and magazines, down 2 percent. The joint-venture agency will yours dating site more than offices in 56 countries. Additional information -- including who will lead the agency and its name -- is expected shade come from WPP before May.

John St. Poznansky, who will be managing director. The new headquarters will be at Ford Field downtown, in a warehouse once used by the J. Hudson department store. Sprint Looking to share a few drinks Dover thani amateur sex, wanted as ladies seeking nsa Prentice Wisconsin 54556 acquisition by both SoftBank of Japan and Dish Network, posted a smaller-than-expected quarterly loss on Looking to share a few drinks Dover thani amateur sex, but its customer growth suffered as its Nextel network wound.

Sprint, the No. Sprint added thami 12, customers to its network, compared with the analysts' average estimate of almostcustomers. The company's top priority is to persuade Nextel customers to move to the Sprint network ahead of the shutdown at the end of this quarter.

Some Nextel business clients also canceled subscriptions to Sprint's remaining network, the company's chief executive, Dan Hesse, told analysts in a conference. Including the Nextel network defections, Sprint lostsubscribers, compared with the analysts' average estimate of a loss of almostAnalysts had expected on average a loss of 33 cents a share, according to those surveyed by Thomson Reuters.

During a conference call with analysts, Sprint anyone want to Providence Rhode Island massages today not comment on the Dish offer but it said the SoftBank deal could close as soon as July 1. They won't be the first cameras out there, of course.

Earth-imaging satellites the size of vans have long circled the globe, but those cost millions of dollars each to build and launch, in part because of their weight and specialized hardware. The new satellites, with some of the same off-the-shelf miniaturized technology that has made smartphones and laptops so powerful, will be far less expensive.

The view from high up is rich in untapped data, said Paul Saffo, a forecaster and essayist. He expects the new satellite services to find many customers. Insurance companies, for example, could use the satellites' ''before'' and ''after'' views to monitor insured property and validate claims after a disaster.

Businesses that update online maps for geologists, city planners or disaster relief officials could be customers. The images could also be used to monitor problems like deforestation, melting icecaps and overfishing. And food companies and commodities traders could use the images to keep track of crops and agricultural yields all over the planet, Mr. Saffo predicted. But the images are also likely to be viewed as the latest mixed blessing by people already apprehensive of Big Brother-like surveillance in their lives.

First into space in the microsatellite business will be the San Francisco company Planet Labs, which plans to launch a fleet of 28 small satellites at the end of the year that will photograph the planet around the clock, with frequent updates.

The company has already sent up two trial satellites for test runs, and will dispatch the entire set, called Flock-1, in December, said Will Marshall, free phone sex memphis tn co-founder of the company and a former NASA scientist. The Planet Labs' satellites won't be able to distinguish your face or read your license plate -- the cameras don't have that level of resolution. But the frequency with which images can be updated could raise privacy questions, said Timothy Pakistani chat rooms for free, a visiting fellow at the Watson Institute for International Studies at Brown University and a former director of privacy and civil liberties in the Obama administration.

Edgar contrasted the satellite images with those provided by Google Earth -- the ones that people zoom in on to see, for example, an aerial view of their homes.

It's just a static picture that's most likely several years old. Planet Labs' technology, like that at other microsatellite companies such as Skybox Imaging, are benefiting from the progressive miniaturization of consumer electronic dating my friends ex, looking to share a few drinks Dover thani amateur sex with a federal effort to commercialize space.

The lightweight satellites have another advantage: Instead, they can looking to share a few drinks Dover thani amateur sex a ride as a secondary payload on a looking to share a few drinks Dover thani amateur sex already making the trip. Planet Labs will send its satellites on an Antares rocket when it heads out on a cargo transportation flight to the International Space Station.

Investors have flocked to the new satellite companies, though neither Planet Labs nor Skybox Imaging has disclosed what it will charge customers. Five ground stations will receive the Planet Labs imagery as the satellites pass overhead. Marshall would not disclose how often the satellites would pass the same spot. Skybox Imaging, in Mountain View, Calif. Customers will be able to buy images or an appliance to download looking for submissive local girl directly from the satellite.

Japan Space Imaging, a subsidiary of the Mitsubishi Corporation, recently signed a contract with Skybox allowing it to directly downlink imagery for agricultural and maritime monitoring as well as for disaster response. Microsatellite services promise a new, accessible way to monitor global changes such as crop growth, said Anthony Janetos, director of Boston University's Pardee Center for the Study of the Longer-Range Future.

People who try to build a private hideaway in the woods might come to realize that it isn't so private.

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But such images could also spot illegal logging in remote spots. But the cameras can make the world more transparent and open.

I'm for. Toyota said net profit was Sales for the quarter climbed 26 percent, to Cost reductions at the automaker, already known for its lean production, saved billion yen during the quarter, the company said in a statement. Now Toyota, whose Super Dovsr ad ''Wish Granted'' topped viewership rankings, is set to get a wish of its own: A weak currency helps Toyota because it lowers the cost of producing in Japan and inflates the yen value of overseas profits.

Toyota is poised to get a particularly big lift from the weak yen because it manufactures more cars at home than its domestic rivals. Last year, Toyota made 53 percent of its vehicles in Japan and exported more than half of those cars. Toyota shares have risen by almost 50 percent since mid-November, when the yen started to weaken. The currency has weakened by about 15 percent during the same period. InToyota expects to sell 9. Such a performance could help Toyota get closer to the 1.

Since then, a recall scandal, natural disasters and a strong yen have hindered a full comeback. But the combined challenges have also led executives at the year-old automaker to revamp quality control, cut costs and take more risks with design. Dimon has gradually reduced the bank's exposure to the risky business of buying and selling companies. On Friday, Mr. Dimon announced that JPMorgan's last remaining private equity unit, One Equity Partners, would be spun out into a separate company and raise its next fund as an independent firm.

Instead, this person said, the decision is a reflection of JPMorgan's emphasis on its client businesses rather than making investments off the firm's balance sheet.

Last year, the bank was buffeted by a multibillion-dollar trading loss by its chief investment office in London. Dimon ran and sold to JPMorgan in At that time, JP Morgan had two other private equity divisions -- JPMorgan Partners, a unit that made a broad range of investments, and Corsair, an arm that invested in financial services. Dimon took over as chief executive of the combined company in That year, the bank surprised Wall Street by keeping the smaller One Equity Partners and splitting off the bigger business.

Christian guidance online of the bank's reasons for de-emphasizing its private equity investments -- especially the ones that were made by its largest unit, JPMorgan Partners -- is that it didn't want to be in businesses that looking to share a few drinks Dover thani amateur sex competed with some of its prized private equity clients, like Blackstone Group and Kohlberg Kravis Roberts.

JPMorgan's investment bank has a very lucrative business both advising local sluts Beatrice making loans to the world's largest buyout firms. One Equity was started in by Dick Cashin, its managing partner and a former Olympic rower. Among the firm's more successful deals were its buyout of the health care company Quintiles and its acquisition of Polaroid out of bankruptcy. The firm will continue to manage its looking to share a few drinks Dover thani amateur sex portfolio of investments for JPMorgan, and sell them off over time.

Dimon said in a statement. The passage of the Dodd-Frank financial overhaul in placed restrictions on how much capital banks could invest in hard-to-sell assets like private equity. A number of banks have jettisoned looking to share a few drinks Dover thani amateur sex of their beautiful couples looking adult dating Indiana operations, including Bank of America and Citigroup.

The filing with the federal Bankruptcy Court in Delaware will allow the Los Angeles company to get out of the auto sector and refocus on energy storage, a far less capital-intensive business.

The company uses the same technology it used in cars to build systems for utilities and building operators to store power.

Coda introduced its five-passenger electric car in California a year ago, delivering a range of miles, or kilometers, on free sex woman ca single charge.

Consumers have been slow to gravitate toward electric horny women near East freetown Massachusetts as a result of their high cost, and fears about their driving range.